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safe flying for
birds and planes

Airport wildlife controllers

watch over both birds and planes

For wildlife controllers that need birdscaring tools. is the distributor for all kinds of environmentally friendly birdscaring cartridges that scare birds and other wildlife better than any other similar methods, because our cartridges are specially made and optimized through years of innovation.

some birds
can hardly be chased away

Birdscaring is done all over the world using a wide variety of tools. Flare guns, blasting ammunition, screaming devices and lasers are all standard equipment. However these tools bring varying results. provides a range of dedicated 12G birdscaring ammunition, which offer optimized birdscaring results and a more flexible approach. To look at what suits your situation best, please look at our products or simply use our experience and ask for assistance

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we help you
protect your crop in an
environmentally friendly way
shutterstock_113460076.jpg do not only focus on airports, but our products are also very useful in the agricultural sector to protect crops from birds and other wildlife in an environmentally friendly way. We deliver our products and expertise worldwide to the full satisfaction of our customers, both in aviation and in the agricultural sector

tailor -made training
for optimal effect
and safety
TRAINING.jpg also offers training on location. We can explain in detail what works best and how to get the best results from our products. But most important we do not forget your safety. Our training includes advice on safe storage and handling of the ammunition. Interested in more information or a training? 

Please contact us.

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we offer a wide
range of 
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Our non-lethal and market-leading 12 Gauge bird scaring product range is a well-established wildlife control mechanism, contributing to aviation flight safety across major commercial airports hubs (plus smaller regional ones too). All our birdscaring cartridges are conform the rules of the European Economic Area (EEA), as specified in the CE certification. Every day, they prevent human fatalities and loss of animal life by reducing the risk of bird strikes. Contact us if you have any questions or when you are ready to order. 


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License holder

Joep van Dam

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